Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun...(post contains pictures!)

So Halloween was great fun this year! It actually started with a little party that Chloe's Parents' Day Out School had the day before Halloween. All of the kiddos wore their costumes to school and then trick-or-treated through the different classrooms. After trick or treating, they changed back into their regular clothes for the remainder of the day. Well, everyone changed except for Chloe. Around 10:30 I received a phone call from her teacher saying that they took Chloe's costume off and she screamed for 20 minutes so they put her back in it. They were worried that I would be upset because she was out on the playground with it and they didn't want her to get it dirty or ruin it. Seriously...I told them that it was perfectly fine for her to wear it as I wouldn't want her to scream all day about it either. So, that's what she did. She ended up wearing it until lunch time and then she couldn't fit in the high chair with it on so they forced her to change but she was fine with it then.
On Friday, actual Halloween, Chloe started asking me to put her bumblebee on and Brody's peapod on at 2:00. I told her that we couldn't do that until Daddy got home from work so as soon as he walked in the house, she started yelling "bee...bee...bee." So, I dressed the kids and got ready to go trick-or-treating. We just stayed in our neighborhood which was enough! We were actually out almost the whole 2 hours and didn't even get through 1/4 of the neighborhood. At each house, Chloe would jump out of her stroller, run up to the door with me or David, say "tii-o-tee" get her candy, say and sign "thank you" and then run back to the stroller while screaming "soller." She wanted to hurry back to her stroller so she could hit the next house up for the "canny." When we got back home, she cried becuase she wasn't done yet, and she didn't want to take off her costume. I bribed her to take it off with some of the candy that she got. This child has NEVER had candy before so she was in heaven. She had a miniature Kit Kat bar and some other little piece of chocolate. She was so hyper after that got into her system. But...she went to bed and slept great.
All in all a super fun holiday for the Blevins family. Here are some pictures of crafts that she made at her school and of us out trick-or-treating.

Chloe and Brody ready to go. Brody wasn't near as excited about it as Chloe was.

Costume - check. Pumpkin - check. LET'S GO!!!


Look at all of this candy! What should I eat first?!?

Oooh, I love chocolate!

Far left is a door knob sign she made at school. It's actually Chloe's footprint upside down to look like a ghost. The pumpkin is a craft that she and I did at the library and the spider she did at school. It's her handprints turned sideways. She is so proud of her artwork (and I am super proud too!)

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Kristi Taylor Askew said...

Your kids look SO great all dressed up for Halloween! Yay! And the art projects are super cute - I'll have to remember those for next year! So fun!