Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brody is better! (and some more pics)

Well, I think Brody is FINALLY better! Here's the short version of that has happened recently. He continued to throw up all of the time so I took him back to his pedi last week. She put him on Reglan to help his gastric motility...basically move the food through his stomach faster so he wouldn't vomit. The medicine worked great for that, however, he started screaming the day after he was put on it and didn't stop for nearly 48 hours. It was horrific! On top of that, his hands started twitching so we immediately stopped the medicine. After doing some research, we found out that many parents experienced this after putting their child on Reglan and that it can even cause permanent neurological damage if taken too long. We called the pharmacist and we were told that we could stop the medicine right away and didn't have to wean it since he was only on it for 3 days. It took about 2 days to get completely out of his system. Anyways, in the meantime, we switched him to a hypoallergenic formula (in case he was allergic to the soy milk he was on). Guess what!!! He has not vomited or had any other GI problems since switching formulas. We did a bit of research on soy allergies and wouldn't you know Brody had 4 of the 6 symptoms. Now, he is the happiest little baby ever! He's laid back, content, always smiling and kicking his legs, sleeping perfectly, eating a lot, and we believe he is finally gaining weight! His cheeks are getting chunky!!!
Since he is better now from everything, I decided that I would take this week to finish "baby-wise-ing" him. He was already baby-wised in everyway except for naps. It took me one day to get him to where he doesn't cry when I put him in his crib for a nap. I lay him in there when he starts exhibiting signs of tiredness, give him his blanky and passy, tell him I love him, and leave the room. He may fuss for a few seconds, but then he goes on to sleep. It's the best!!!
Now, on to Chloe...she has ventured into her own form of artistic expression. A few weeks ago I went in to get her up from her nap. She sort of looked at me funny and then I noticed the ballpoint pen on her floor. Immediately after that, I saw where she had drawn on her closet door and walls. WOW!!! I couldn't be mad at her though because clearly David or I left the pen laying around so I just reminded her that we do NOT write on anything except paper. She just grinned and gave me a hug.

Well, here are some new pictures. Enjoy.

Art on the walls...

Chloe's artwork on the closet

Our "soon to be" BIG boy!

I was going to give Brody a bath but after I got him undressed down to his diaper, he fell asleep so I took the opportunity to just cuddle with him.


gracedgirl said...

yippee!! i'm so glad that you have an answer... so what formula is he on now?? i know you are thrilled to have a happy baby :) CC

The Richards Family said...

that's great news about brody! btw, the last pictue...you look beautiful in it! mothering 2 must be agreeing with you b/c you look great! :)

Kelly said...

Christy - Dr. Seawell put Brody on Nutramigen. Super expensive but worth every penny of it to have him well and happy!

Laura - thank you for your kind comment! I love those moments when I can snuggle with my kidlets.

The Richards Family said...

you're welcome! hey, i used to always get coupons in my email for the nutramagin (horribly smelly stuff!)....if i get anymore i will save them for you...freebies from the pediatrician if you take them in!