Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Blevins Went Down To Georgia...

Last week, we packed up the car and headed down to Atlanta. The trip was for 2 reasons really...David had a work retreat to attend on Wednesday through Friday at Winshape Retreat on the campus of Berry College. This is just north of where his family lives. And the other reason for going was that David's dad had still not met Brody. So, we decided to go down there as a family and visit. We got there Monday afternoon after a very uneventful car ride. Both kids were fantastic throughout the entire trip. Chloe was entertained by watching her DVD player, and Brody slept the whole time. He's gotten to where if he is in the car, he's going to be sleeping. No complaints here! So, Monday and Tuesday we just hung out with his parents and grandmother. We did visit with his brother and SIL and their children for a few hours as well.
Then on Wednesday...well, let's just say that day was quite eventful. David had to be at his retreat by 11:00 (or so he thought) so our family of 4 plus his mom set out to go to Rome, GA to drop him off. We got there around 10:45 or so and he was still the first one there...strange, but not a big deal. So we dropped him off and were set to head back to Atlanta. Directions in his mom's hands, and me behind the wheel turned out to be not such a good combination. We didn't hardly get off campus before making a wrong turn. And the bad thing is that we didn't realize it until we were probably 20 miles down on the wrong road. About 10 miles into it though, Brody started getting fussy as did Chloe. Of course I didn't pack any snacks or formula because it was supposed to be a short trip and everyone ate before we left home. We saw a CVS so I stopped there, got Chloe some snacks, juice and a sippy cup and got Brody a bottle and a can of formula. I get up to pay and realize that the formula wasn't going to work because I didn't have a can opener. I just decided that he was really okay for about another 45 minutes and by then we should be home - or so we thought. Anyways, I had David's mom pour Chloe her juice for me since I was driving and all of a sudden I hear her make a comment and then start laughing so hard that she was crying. I look back and she had poured the juice but not taken the lid off of the cup so it went everywhere. At that point, we were both laughing hysterically. Another 10 miles down the road is when we discovered that we had gone the wrong way. So, we turn around and start heading back towards the campus where we left David. Then my phone rings and it's him. He says that he just remembered that he didn't have to be at the retreat until 3:00 and that he has nothing to do and nowhere to eat. The cabin he is staying in doesn't have a TV and he didn't bring his book with him. So...I tell him that we are heading back that way anyways and that I will just stop and get him and we'll all go and find a place for lunch. So...by now I realize that I have to find formula somewhere so I stop at a Food Lion and get the can of formula but wouldn't you know it...they were out of can openers. What?!? Are you kidding me?!? Then it dawned on me to just get the powdered formula (like we use at home, duh!) and buy a bottle of water off of the shelf that is room temperature. So, that's what I did and we headed on up the road to get David. We ended up finding a McDonald's in Rome, GA and stayed there for a few hours letting Chloe play and get some energy out. Before we left McDonalds though Chloe had to have her diaper changed twice...wouldn't you know that I only had 1 diaper in the bag! Seriously, this was supposed to just be a 3 hour trip total. So, we find a Walmart and go in to get diapers. Then we set off to take David back to campus. After dropping him off, we were careful to turn the correct way out of campus and ended up going the right way back to Atlanta. What was supposed to be a 3 hour trip turned into an 7 hour debacle! All in all though, it was an adventure that no one will forget for quite sometime.
Anyways, on Thursday my MIL and I took Chloe to the Children's Museum in Atlanta where she played and played and would have played until they closed if we had allowed it. It was an amazing museum with tons to do. Then on Friday the kidlets and I headed back up to Rome to get David and then started back to Clarksville. Luckily I didn't get lost going back to pick him up by myself and we made it home safely with no wrong turns at all!!!

Chloe putting her smock on so that she could go into the painting area.

OK - notice the little boy on the far right side of the picture. Then notice Chloe yelling at him because she was in that car first. Yes, it was big enough for 2-3 small children, however, she was not in the mood to have passengers in "her" car.

Playing the guitar in the band area

A new fun thing for Chloe...playing the piano. David's mom has a piano at her house that she let Chloe bang on and "play." She loved it... so based on that and the fact that Chloe would sing all day long if she could, I just may have a musically inclined child on my hands.

There was a water area at the museum that had little raincoats for the kids to wear. Here's Chloe wearing hers and fishing.

I caught one!!!

Playing house. She really loved the kitchen area.

She was very possessive over her basket of produce to the point that she wouldn't even let me hold while she went down the slide. Instead, she took it with her.

Shopping at the grocery store. I so wish that she would eat even 1/3 of the things that she put in her basket.

YAY!!! Finally there is something for me to do.
The museum had a baby area so there were tons of little baby toys for him to play with while Chloe played too.

I can't wait until I am old enough to come and play with everything else! Sitting in this stroller isn't the most fun thing to do.

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