Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So, I just read a blog post that my younger brother wrote from Iraq. I wanted to share part of with you, my friends, as it just opened my eyes to the reality of blessings.

Excerpts from his letter:
I started to get a bunch of cards wishing me a happy birthday and Thanksgiving, and I kind of got into this rut where I didn't care about either of the two. I went to the chapel last Sunday, and the chaplains played a video that ended up hitting me pretty hard, or kicking me in the butt, which ever way you want to look at it. The video was talking about people relating their blessings to their circumstances and how that is usually what we do. It went on to say that for this season, instead of worrying about what circumstance your in, thank God for what you actually have. I realized that God has given me protection for the last year. With not long to go before this deployment is over, I have realized that I have been blessed incredibly throughout the time here. So when things come up and circumstances you find yourself in aren't favorable, look at the good things that have happened for you. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this month.

I mean seriously, what a simple thankful for what we have been blessed with no matter what circumstance we may currently be in or what we may be going through.

Yesterday at school (Parent's Day Out), Chloe made a little Indian hat that had 3 feathers coming out of the back of it. On each feather she had listed what she is thankful for. The first feather said Blanket and Passy, the second feather said Family and Lunchbag (she is obsessed with her lunchbag), and the third feather said blessing (she LOVES to sing her blessing before meals). I just thought about how cool that is. The innocence of childhood is awesome. She is thankful for something as simple as a lunchbag and a blanket. So, I have decided that I too am going to "make a hat" but mine will have 10 feathers in it (since I'm older).'s what I would list on my feathers.
Kelly is thankful for...
1. a baby boy who is now 100% healthy - and I even feel like I was blessed when he was so sick all of the time because of the lessons that God taught me through it.
2. my daughter who is growing and learning more and more everyday and is already starting to sing and talk about God with no cares of who hears her or where she is when she does these things (she started singing Daniel Doss's song "Great God" to her pediatrician yesterday at her check-up.)
3. My husband who loves me and the children tons and would go to the ends of the Earth and back for us.
4. keeping Jordan safe while he's in Iraq
5. the friends that God has placed in my life since moving to Clarksville and the friends that I had to leave behind throughout my life.
6. David's business. God has provided us with an increase in sales and customer counts. We thought for sure that our sales would decrease when the hospital moved, especially since Lowes was not open behind us yet. Instead, God showed us again that He is bigger than any hospital or Lowes and that He provides for our business, not the surrounding points of interest.
7. being able to stay at home with my children full-time and watch them grow and learn everyday
8. our church. We love our church family here and feel so blessed that God led us to Grace Community.
9. mine and David's parents who are the best grandparents ever! I feel so lucky that Chloe and Brody get to experience parts of their lives with them even though they are all out of state. I just remember how special the time was that I was able to share with my Nanny and I want that for my kiddos too.
10. Last, but NOT salvation.

So, what would you list on your feathers?!?

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