Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have been "tagged" to do this thought provoking exercise. If you read this and blog, I tag you to do this as well.

I search: for Chloe's passies every single night. She loves to take all 11 of them to bed with her! It never fails that we will get down to about 3 and then they will all miraculously re-appear. I personally thinks she stashes them for safe-keeping.

I regret: eating those darn M&Ms this morning. They are so not on the diet plan. Looks like I'll be hitting the pavement twice today.

I love: when my kids smile at me like I am their favorite person in the whole world.

I care: about this election more than any other one that I have ever had the privelege to vote in.

I always: check my email

I worry: about Brody's health, Chloe's speech (although it is expanding SO much), and my little brother who is in Iraq

I am not: a naturally patient person...however having 2 kids under 2 has really taught me tons of patience!

I remember: what it's like to have a date with my husband thanks to the Weatherford's who took both of our kids the other night for almost 3 hours!!! We had the best time just talking and reconnecting with each other with no worries of when the next cry would come, or the next "mama mama."

I believe: in heaven and that the way to get there is by trusting and believing in Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I sing: Praise and Worship music in my car and the theme to Word World in the house with Chloe. I secretly LOVE that theme song!!!

I dance: at weddings with David, and around the house with Chloe.

I don't always: take the dog out because I have human beings to take care of first. Poor Cabot has taken a third-row seat now that Brody has arrived.

I argue: about things that I am passionate about.

I write: everything on my refrigerator calendar and my day planner.

I win: every time that David and I play Scrabble.

I lose: my mind at least once/day and it's usually at 6:00 when Chloe needs a bath before bed but is screaming to watch a cartoon, and Brody is screaming because he wants to be held.

I wish: that I could see the world through my children's eyes. It's so fun to watch them soak up everything around them and wonder what they are thinking.

I listen: to my heart most of the time.

I don't understand: how I can follow a recipe and it still doesn't come out right.

I can usually be found:
by phone

I am scared: of this upcoming election and where our country is headed

I need: at least a 30 minute breather each day where I do nothing but rest. Hmmm...why can't I do just that when the kids are napping?

I forget: anything that I don't write down. I even made a list last night and on that list was to make a list for groceries and another list for Chloe's birthday details

I am happy: being a stay-at-home-mom. Five years ago I would have never imagined that I would want to give up my career as an Peds Critical Care nurse, but now I can never imagine going back to it.

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