Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just Random Things

So today we took the kidlets to a pumpkin patch in Clarksville. We had a blast! There was a little animal farm with sheep, goats, alpacas, horses, chickens and roosters. Chloe absolutely loved the sheep! She even had a "conversation" with them. It sounded like this...
Sheep: Baaaaa
Sheep: Baaaaa

Chloe was always louder than the sheep! I bet we sat there FOREVER!!! Then we ventured over to the corn maze and a big slide. We spent a few hours there and came back a filthy mess.
Enjoy the pics of our little adventure...

Posing with the pumpkins

Chloe and Brody before we left

Sitting around talking to the sheep - they are there even though you can't see them

Us in the corn maze

Walking away from the slide after we flew down it. On the way down, Chloe yelled "WEEEEEE!"

"Farmer Brody"

Let's see...what else?!? Chloe has been expanding her vocab a lot lately. Some of her newest words/phrases/songs are:
"stop sign" after which she yells "STOP!"
"word world" (a cartoon on PBS that she LOVES)
she sings her blessing before meals
she sings the theme songs to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Word World
she attempts to sing her ABC's
she can count to 3
I'm just so excited about all of this as we have waited a long time to hear her conversing with us using words that we truly understand.

Anyways, here are some other random pics for your viewing pleasure.

Big Smile!!!

Ready to go to the pumpkin patch

Just a cute picture of my baby girl! Who by the way now will tell you that she is a "big girl."

Brody will be 3 peas in a pod for Halloween

Chloe will be a bumble-bee

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