Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Party at the DiMarco's

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Amy for hosting the Halloween Party! It was so much fun! Everything was perfect from the playtime to the artsy things to the food etc... We really appreciate everything that you did for us. THANK YOU!!!!

And now come the pics...

Chloe being very picky about her food. Trust me when I say it was all delicious!

Chloe with her friends Blair and Adalee. They were all sitting at the little girls' table.

Trying to sip out of her pumpkin cup...notice her sippy cup is right beside of it though. She still just cannot get the concept of straws.

The whole crew...let's see, we had a lion, tiger, giraffe, peapod, bumblebee, Indiana Jones, Little Red Riding Hood, Cruella and 2 of her dalmations, a flower and a ladybug (Chloe is standing in front of them)

The party table. Each seat had a placemat with Halloween stickers for the kids to decorate it, a pumpkin cup, and a bag of goodies with a balloon attached. So cute and creative. Oh, and I didn't get the picture of it, but there were also shirts that were tie-dyed to look like pumpkins and the kids drew faces on them. She even had a onesie for Brody!!!

This is Chloe playing with the kitchen set that Amy's children have. I had decided to wait until next Christmas to get her one thinking that she would enjoy it more then, but she had such a blast playing with it and pretending to mix things, eat the food, etc... We may have to go ahead with our original plans for the kitchen set.

My little bumblebee. Isn't she the cutest bee that you've seen in quite a while?!?

OK - Chloe was refusing to wear her costume all morning. I told her she couldn't get any cookies or cake if she didn't wear her costume at the party (of course I would have let her...I'm not that mean!)...I was just trying to bribe her and she still said NO! So, I put Brody's on him and she immediately wanted hers on because he was wearing his.

Baby Brody...cutest little peapod!!!

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