Friday, September 19, 2008

Update on Brody

OK - in this post, my thoughts were all over the place so if the flow isn't there, just know that it's because my mind is still wrapping around all that has taken place in the past few days.

These are pictures of Brody after surgery.

When I last left off, Brody was sick with a "borderline" pyloric stenosis diagnosis. Two days after that, we were back at the pediatrician's office and having another ultrasound done which confirmed that he did indeed have pyloric stenosis. Two hours later, Chloe was with our friend Erin and we were on our way to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital with Brody. After an 8 hour stay in the ER waiting to see a surgeon, Brody was finally taken back to the OR at 9:10 Wednesday night and by 10:00 we were talking with Dr. Loven about how the surgery went. Brody did wonderful during the operation, but also important to note...Dr. Loven did wonderful too! Brody has an incision on the right side of his belly that is about 1.5 inches long. The procedure consisted of the surgeon going in and cutting the pylorus muscle in order to open it up. Then he "put Brody back together" using glue! No stitches were used anywhere...not even on the inside. Post-operatively, we went to stay with Brody in the recovery room while he woke up and then ended up spending the rest of our time there as the entire hospital was full so there was "no room in the inn" for our little guy. Six hours after the surgery, he was able to begin eating again very small amounts and we were instructed on how to increase them slowly over the next few days to get him back to his normal amount. By Thursday evening we were back home and settling back in with a healthy little baby. Brody has done wonderful since the surgery, only vomiting a few times. We were told that he may continue to do this for 1-2 days while his little body heals, but as of right now, he hasn't gotten sick since 2:30 yesterday afternoon. And, even more fun to mention...Brody has given me lots of big smiles today showing off those precious little dimples and proving that he is indeed feeling better.

Now for a little "a-ha" moment that I had last night. When I went to put Brody to bed last night, everything started to finally sink the past 6 days, we had watched our infant become very sick, unable to be diagnosed for a while, then finally get the diagnosis and immediately be sent for surgery. When we finally got the diagnosis, I sort of went into auto-pilot mode, just thinking about what we were going to do with Chloe while we were at Vandy, when they would do the surgery, how long we would be at the hospital, who would do the surgery, what the protocol was for caring for babies with this diagnosis, etc... BUT, I never really once worried about Brody's safety which struck me last night as really odd. I actually even started to cry because I thought that was the sign of a "bad mommy." Was I lumping my own son into the same category that I had put my patients in when I was a nurse? Was I more concerned with trying to appear brave for everyone that we came into contact with at the hospital? I mean, all of our doctors and nurses knew my background as a pediatric ICU and pediatric recovery room nurse so they all knew that I had full knowledge of what was about to happen. Was I trying to act like this whole thing was not a big deal because I had seen it a million times? I mean to tell you that I was really upset that I had not been one of those "crying and hysterical moms that watched their baby being carted off to the OR." I talked about this with David last night when he came into our room and saw me holding Brody and sobbing. He reminded me that my sense of calm and peace, and lack of real worry was nothing to do with me being a bad mom, but a sign of God giving me the perfect peace that He promises His children....the peace that I had been praying for since Brody first became sick. WOW!!! I had not thought of it in that way, but David was right. We had prayed so much about this, and had lots of family and friends praying for us and Brody that God just took that burden from us and let us be in peace about everything. What a great great Father we have!

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