Thursday, September 11, 2008


Not much to report on from Clarksville. Everyone is in the swing of things now. I have my system down to a science of how to get up, get myself ready and get both kids fed and ready for the day by 9:00 AM. David is super busy with work and planning for the new store's grand opening. We will all be glad when that is over so that he can relax a little. Chloe had her follow-up ENT appointment yesterday to check her ear tubes and she got an awesome report. Brody is growing like a weed and has hit another growth spurt this week. He's now taking 4 ounces of milk every 4 hours during the day and will space it out at night to 6 hours or so. And me, well, I'm fine....tired, but fine!

Project that Chloe did at "school" last Thursday - oh, I guess they were not able to actually count her teeth since she has so many. Just FYI - she has 16!

Chloe and Brody appear to be planning something - I know one day this type of thing will mean trouble!

Close up of Brody - isn't he getting so big?!?

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