Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kiddie Updates

Chloe: she started a Parents Day Out program this week that is on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2. It's at a Methodist church right near our house and her teacher is one of our friends. She is doing really well there! She's excited to carry her lunch box in everyday like a big girl and goes right to her classroom without me directing her. The first day she didn't even cry when we left! She just jumped right in and started playing away. Today there were a few whines, but nothing major.
On another note, Chloe is starting to show more interest in Brody. She got very excited to see him when I picked her up at school the other day. She pointed to him and smiled and said "that!" She also loves to remind me to put Brody in the car by pointing to his car seat base and saying "right there!" Yesterday, she was showing him a few toys and even tried to comb his hair.

Brody: the little guy is doing wonderful! Last night he went 6 hours in between feedings which afforded me about 5 straight hours of sleep. Aaaah, that was great! I can tell the biggest difference in him as far as growth. I can't wait to see how much he weighs and how long he is at his appointment tomorrow (it's just a 2 week checkup). He's beginning to stay awake during the day for longer periods of time and loves to be talked to. He also likes to stare at contrasting colors (black and white) on his toys. Tummy time is going okay. Sometimes he likes it but other times not. He is already able to lift and turn his head all the way when on his belly! He's still not fond of car rides and pretty much cried the whole time we are in the car which in turn gets Chloe started crying too. Hopefully he will begin to like them soon as we are on the go all of the time. I do remember Chloe crying a lot when she was this age and in the car.

As for me and David, we are doing well. I am still a little sore from the surgery but I totally expect that to continue for a few more weeks. My incision did open just a little, but not enough to re-staple or stitch so I am just to watch it. I went to my 2 week checkup yesterday and found that I have lost ALL of my baby weight! YAY FOR ME!!! I got the green light that I could begin a light exercise program at home and could start going back to the gym in October. I can't wait!
David is working hard as always. The store at UT-Martin that he is a consultant for will be opening in the next 4-6 weeks so he will be busy with that grand opening for a while. Also, TN football has started so our weekends will now be consumed with orange and white - GO VOLS!

I think that is all of the news for now. I am really needing to take some more pictures, but my camera battery is dead and I cannot find the charger anywhere! SO FRUSTRATING! If I can't find it soon, I'll go buy another one so I can update the pics of Brody.

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