Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Am Done With Kiddie Illnesses...

At least I hope I am for a long while. Last week, Chloe spiked a fever of 103 and it remained between 101-103 for 4 days and suddenly broke. Her pediatrician said that it was a viral pharyngitis as her throat looked yucky and other than that and the fever, she had no other symptoms. So...as soon as she is all better, and David leaves town on business for 5 days, Brody got sick with what we now assume was the same virus. Here's how it went down...

Friday evening: Brody began screaming and crying with appeared to be belly pain so I treated him for constipation with a glycerin chip and tried to get him to drink some water. I called his doctor and the nurse there blew me off and told me he just had colic - I disagreed with her and decided that I would take him in on Saturday morning if he wasn't better. He continued to scream until around 9 that night and then woke up at 3 AM to continue where he left off - SCREAMING!!! (keep in mind I was here by myself with him and Chloe)

Saturday morning: his pediatrician called me to check on him. At this point he had fever so I loaded up the kidlets and went to the weekend clinic. There, they did xrays, a bloodcount, and a catheter to try to find the source of infection in case it was a bacterial illness. We were sent home with instructions that if his fever rose any that we would need to call the pedi on call and Brody would probably have to be admitted to the hospital. But, if he remained the same, that we were just to come in the next day for follow-up.

Sunday afternoon: we went back to the doctor where his temp was even higher so they repeated the catheter, the bloodcount, and this time also drew blood cultures. His bloodcount came back showing some bacteria in his system, but indicated more of a viral process going on. Again, I was given instructions to call or go to the hospital if he worsened or his fever got any higher. Oh, and I also noticed a very hard lump right below his surgical incision that seemed to be painful to him when I touched it. The pediatrician wasn't really sure what it was - scar tissue or hernia - so I decided to just wait it out and if it is still there at his 2 month check, I would bring it up again and see what we should do.

Monday morning: Brody started the day out well and then sort of returned to the sicky baby by early afternoon. He also started acting like his belly was hurting again -especially when I touched around his inicision. Again, he didn't sleep great Monday night and was just really fussy.

Tuesday morning: I decided to call Vanderbilt Children's surgery clinic and schedule an appt for Brody to see the surgeon about this hard lump. I feel very relieved because I am starting to worry about it as much as he cries and winces with any touching of it or even lifting his legs to change his diapers. The surgical nurse said it could be 1 of 4 things...a hernia, hematoma, abscess, or scar tissue. We are hoping that it's just scar tissue that is pulling and popping that is causing the discomfort as there is nothing that has to be done about that and will resolve with time. We'll find out Thursday morning and update as soon as we know something.

Now for some fun things that have happened lately...
Chloe has begun singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star pretty much all day every day. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but given the fact that she pretty much kept a double ear infection for 10 months before she got ear tubes, what she heard in those 10 months were nothing but muffled sounds. So...with the tubes, she has had to re-learn sounds and finally is starting to talk with words that I can understand! It's great...except when she tells me "no" a million times a day.

The Chick-fil-A on the campus of UT-Martin that David is the consultant for opened up without a hitch yesterday! He has been planning for this for quite some time so for it to go perfectly is just a blessing! And...he is finally coming home after 5 VERY LONG DAYS!!!

Oh, and Chloe locked herself in her bedroom this morning!!! Luckily I knew what to do this time since she had done it before. Last time she did this, David was out of town and I called him in a panic thinking I was going to have to call the fire dept. to come break the door down. He told me to just put a quarter in the lock and turn it. Hmmm...seems that she saves all of her little tricks for when David is gone.

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Amy said...

Sorry you guys are having such a rough time. I pray things go well at Vandy today for you guys. Please let me know if you need anything!