Monday, August 11, 2008

One More Week...

So we are down to just 7 short days from Baby Boy's arrival!!! I can't believe that at this very time (1:00) next Monday that I will be in the OR having my C-Section. I'm actually trying hard NOT to think about it as I don't want to work myself up over it.

Anyways, I decided that each day this week, that Chloe and I would go somewhere fun or do something special together since I will be down and out for a while so to speak. So today, we went to Chuck E Cheese (she had never been before). Let me first off say that Chloe had a great time until it was time to actually eat. She loved all of the games, slides, lights and sounds. I, on the other hand, decided very quickly that I should always bring a back-up when I go there since Chloe is so young and has to be watched like a hawk. For me, it is definitly a 2-parent place from now on. We stayed for about an hour and then Chloe started into melt-down mode so we had to leave. I think tomorrow we will hit the library for some indoor play time.

Anyways, our to-do list is almost complete. I have packed what I can into my hospital bag and the rest of it is last minute stuff. The double stroller has been put together and it is wonderful! I am going to get the car seat base installed into my car this afternoon when Chloe naps, and then the only thing left is to get David to hang the pics in the nursery which he says he plans on doing tonight. The only thing left to do after tonight then is WAIT. Hmmm...that may just be the hardest thing.

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