Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Less Than 2 Weeks Now...

So I had another OB appointment this morning which was very uneventful - which is good! Baby's heartbeat is great, I'm measuring perfect, and all else is well. I go back for my final appointment on Friday, the 15th....unless of course I go into labor on my own.

So the list of to-do's continue to get smaller. I sat down and made my packing list last night of things things to take to the hospital. I am going to try to muster enough energy to get packed during Chloe's nap today. I've started contracting again so I want to be ready just in case. So far though, I have the contractions every 6-10minutes for a while and then they sort of just die down and go away. They are nothing too terribly painful, but they are uncomfortable.

Since all of our family has left, I've found that I am missing them more and more with each passing day. It's been really hard to take care of my sweet Chloe and be the best parent that I can be when all I really want and need to do is lay down and rest. I feel like I'm not giving her all that I should be and it is really breaking my heart. I did get out with my friend Sonya the other day though so Chloe and her little girl got to play together for a while. They had a really good time and were very cute together. That was so nice as I haven't been able to really see my friends since bedrest started in early July. Thank you Sonya for suggesting that we meet up!!! It really boosted my spirits a lot.

Well, that's the update for now. Only 11 more days until we meet sweet baby boy.

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