Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just Some Pictures

Brody continues to do well! He is eating 2.5-3 ounces every 4 hours or so and is sleeping like a champ. Chloe is also continuing to do well with having a little brother in the house. She actually touched him today which may be the first time since we've brought him home that she's done that. I am feeling great other than some soreness which I totally expect to continue to a few more weeks. Enjoy the pictures of our kiddos.

Chloe crying when Brody was getting his diaper changed. I think she thought he was hurting. So sweet!

1 week old

Chloe with her 3 foot tall Chick-fil-A cow that David brought home for her. She loves to wrestle with it and bounce on him.

Brody after his bath hanging out in his robe. We were getting him ready to go to church.

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