Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home For A Week Now...

Yep, that's right, we've been home for a week now and things are going really well. OK, there is one bit of bad news...remember the post about us getting Oscar the fish for Chloe, well, he jumped to his death on August 17th. David filled his water tank too full and the poor little guy decided that that was his chance to get away from the chaos that was about to ensue. Oh well, that's one less mouth to feed now. Rest in peace Oscar.
Now on to Brody. He is doing GREAT! He is a wonderful baby so far. He eats about every 3 hours and sometimes will stretch it to 4 hours at night. He's not really a fussy kid and is easily settled by swaddling if he does get fussy. We took him to his first appointment last Saturday and so far, so good. He is down to 7.5 pounds, but no worries there. I think when I take him back next week for his 2 week check that he will have gained back his weight plus some. He's becoming more and more alert with every passing day and we actually started some tummy time yesterday. Our little guy can already turn his head from side to side at times. He continues to look more and more like David with every passing day. I cannot get over how much they look alike. He does have a few of Chloe's features though when I look back at her pictures at this age.
Speaking of Chloe...she is such a good big sister! She doesn't really pay too much attention to Brody yet, but when she does, it is super sweet. She loves to bring me his passy, and bottles, and will occasionally help me shake his bottle up. She also has shown me her sensitive side in regards to Brody. At times when he cries and can't be consoled easily (in the car when I can't reach him, or during diaper changes), she will cry as well with big ol' crocodile tears. She's done this 3 times now and I can't help but think that they truly are tears because she feels like he is scared or hurting. So sweet!
That's it for now. Pictures coming soon, and more updates as time allows.


Amy said...

Glad to hear things are going well. I saw David today and he was just beaming! I am finally back in town and can't wait to meet him. Talk to you soon.

Kristi Taylor Askew said...

So glad to hear all is going well. Give hugs to the kidlets from Clara!