Wednesday, July 30, 2008

List of To-Do's Getting Smaller...

Riding her Care Bear Car in the driveway. This is one of her favorite toys

Ah...the sprinkler on a 95 degree day. She was a little leary of it at first as you can tell.

Blowing bubbles - yet another favorite.

Chloe is an EXTREMELY picky eater. This marks the first time that she has EVER eaten a banana since going off of baby foods. I'm telling you that SHE IS PICKY! If it's not chicken, cheese, yogurt, crackers, or Nutrigrain bars she wants no part of it.

My baby looking like a big girl now.

Getting ready to go outside.

Loving the sunglasses - Miss Hollywood

So it's been a full week since I posted the list of things that must get done before baby arrives. I'm happy to say that several of the major things have gotten accomplished and can now be marked off the list.

So, the remaining things now are:
1. hang the pics in the nursery
2. put together the double stroller
3. install car seat (newly added to list)
4. pack my bags for the hospital (newly added)

The things that are done are:
1. baby bedding washed and put on bed
2. crib mattress bought - thanks mom and dad!
3. master bedroom painted
4. bottles, and passies bought
5. Stanley Steemer coming on Tuesday
6. Housekeeper coming Tuesday to give estimate and 8/15 to do the deep cleaning
7. Stock up on diapers and formula - will do this weekend since diapers are tax-free!
8. Choose another kitchen cabinet for the baby's bottles and formula
9. get Chloe's old swing and bouncy seat out and put new batteries in them
10. set up the bassinette in our room

I went to the doctor today for my 37 week check-up. Here's the short version of how it went... baby's heartbeat is perfect, baby is still breech, and I am measuring perfectly. I go back on August 5th for another check.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Chloe. I can't believe that she is not going to be an only child for much longer. I hope and pray that she adjusts well and doesn't feel sad or ignored since she is used to getting tons and tons of attention.

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