Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday for Baby Boy is...

August 18th!!! Only 24 more days to go and we will be meeting our son. The C-Section is scheduled for 1:00 PM. I admit that I have a whole wide range of emotions right now...excitement, fear, nervousness, etc. It's all the more real since we are about 3 weeks away from the BIG DAY! I have a whole list of "to-do's" for David which include...
1. Finish hanging the pictures in the nursery
2. Buy another crib mattress
3. Wash the bedding for Baby Boy and get it on the bed
4. Finish painting our bedroom - if we don't get it done before the birth, I'll never get it done
5. Schedule Stanley Steemer to clean our carpets
6. Hire a housekeeper to do a deep thorough cleaning of the house
7. Put together the double stroller
8. Get all of Chloe's old equipment out (swing, bouncy seat, etc...) and make sure the batteries all work
9. Stock up on some more bottles, passies, diapers and formula

Oh boy, I'm stressed just thinking about all of that. Oh well, it will get done as my nesting instinct is kicking in more and more by the hour. Too bad men don't get it as well as then everything would be done in no time flat.

So that's the latest and greatest. Oh, at my appointment today I measured perfect, and baby's heartbeat sounded great.

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