Friday, July 4, 2008

Bed Rest for this Mama...It's Not Easy

I had my 32 week OB appointment on Tuesday which by all means should have just been a quick visit to get measured and listen for the baby's heartbeat. However, I went in with contractions 3-5 minutes apart so my OB went ahead and checked for heartbeat and measurements, checked for cervical changes (which at that time there were none) but then proceeded to send me on to the hospital for monitoring.

When we got there, I was hooked up and found that I was not contracting a whole lot anymore, but I did have a lot of "uterine irritability" so the doctor ordered a bag of IV fluids and 10mg of Procardia to stop everything. It seemingly worked until the nurse came to take the IV out and right before she did that, I started with real contractions that were very uncomfortable and coming 4 minutes apart. So, she watched me for a little while longer and once she saw that they were not stopping, she got more orders from the doctor for another bag of IV fluids, another dose of Procardia and a dose of Morphine. My body didn't respond to any of it either, so a few hours later, the nurse checked me and determined that my cervix was starting to change (meaning the contractions were actually starting labor). She got another order, but this time the doctor decided that if she could "knock me out" so to speak, that maybe that would knock out the contractions as well. I got a dose of Stadol and within 30 seconds I was knocked out....a few minutes later, the contractions stopped as well. I was given the okay to go home around midnight with orders to be on strict bedrest for the rest of this pregnancy.

Silly me thought that the doctor that ordered the bed rest couldnt really mean it as she was not MY doctor. So, I got up the next day and phoned my doc and wouldn't you know, he agreed with her that since my cervix is changing and these contractions start up with any activity at all, he wants me in the bed except to eat, shower, and use the restroom. So, yesterday was my first full day of bedrest and it was hard. Two times I actually forgot that I was supposed to be resting (because I feel normal if I am just laying around) and I got up and started doing things. Don't worry though, I quickly laid back down as soon as the contractions started again. I guess the bedrest really is needed as I didn't really contract a whole lot yestesrday, but I did have lots of pressure off and on regardless of whether I was laying down or not.

One good thing about this is that Chloe is super cuddly with me now. She must sense something since I am not up playing with her, taking her places like normal, and running around with her outside. So my sweet little girl has taken to climbing up on the couch and laying her head on my belly and giving me lots of kisses. Her kisses now come with sound effects...sounds something like this as she moves in "mmmmmmm!" It's the sweetest thing and makes me smile or all out laugh everytime. Also, she will bring her toys and books to me and will sit on the couch so that we can play together.

Anyways, we are not ready for little boy to be here yet as there is still so much to do, so I am praying that he will cook for at least the rest of July. However, again, I am reminded from God that I can lay out my plans, but that he will direct my steps. One day at a time from here on out...

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Amy said...

Sorry to hear your stuck on bedrest, but am happy he's decided to cook a little longer! What can I do for you? Please don't hesitate to ask. Abrahm is coming home for R and R tomorrow (I think), but I can still bring over a meal or two for you. Please let me know. I'll definitely be saying prayers for all of you.