Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation to S.C.

Chloe loved digging in the sand with her shovel and bucket

The hat represents the fact that Chloe had her first doughnut ever while on vacation. She licked her fingers for hours after she had finished it. Clearly she loved it!

us riding the train at Broadway at the Beach. I love how she's like an old pro at this with her arm propped up on the side of the car.

on the carousel with David.

a view of the kiddie pool at the hotel we stayed. the buckets all would fill up and dump water out every few minutes. Chloe couldn't wait though so she had David dumping them every few seconds while she would giggle hysterically.

My All American Girl

playing with one of the displays at the Aquarium. this was in the Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit

Checking out the fish

Strike a pose little diva!

David showing Chloe that sand really is harmless and okay to touch.

Chloe attempting to like the sand

more playing with the shovel and bucket

knocked out after her first trip down the the beach and pool

fun times at the pool

DAY ONE: Well this vacation was absolutely the best as it was our first one with Chloe. We arrived in Myrtle Beach on Sunday evening to a room with a breath-taking view of the ocean, and a balcony larger than Chloe's room at home!!! Chloe took one look at the ocean and kept pointing while saying "look, look!" She was so excited. She also loved the hotel room and just being in a different environment. After the excitement settled a little, we all hit the sack as we were exhausted from the drive.

DAY TWO: We woke up Monday morning and after getting breakfast, we hit the beach. At first I thought Chloe was going to really like the sand and ocean, but she didn't take too well to them at all. She hated getting the sand on her feet and wanted me to get every grain of it off at all times, and she really hated the fact that the water moved so fast around her. I think it just scared her. So we didn't stay too long at the beach and moved on to the amazing pools. They had 2 lazy rivers - a kiddie and adult one, an amazing kiddie pool with all sorts of cool things in it, a regular pool, and of course a hot tub. We stayed at the pool for 2 hours and then came up to take naps. That evening we went out for dinner and again enjoyed our balcony.

DAY THREE: This morning we pretty much did the same thing as yesterday except in the evening we went to Barefoot Landing and shopped around a little.

DAY FOUR: Today we did things a little different. We took Chloe to the aquarium first instead of the beach/pool. This worked great! We spent several hours at the aquarium, which rocked, and then grabbed lunch back at the hotel. Chloe's favorite part of the aquarium was all of the interactive things that they had for children. She liked the fish for about 10 minutes, and then she was ready to run around and play with all of the buttons, knobs, puzzles, etc... She had a blast. In the afternoon we hit the beach where she was content to dig in the sand with her shovel and bucket for about 30 minutes(However, she refused to get down from my arms until David had the towel spread out so that she didn't touch the sand at all.) After that, she got upset about the sand being in between her toes so we left and went to the pool. Later that evening we just relaxed as we were beginning to really get tired.

DAY FIVE: Our last full day at the beach...we hit the pool this morning and Chloe had a blast. She was trying to jump in on her own. She was cackling and giggling so hard at everything! Her joy was so pure and great to watch! I just couldn't get enough of her little giggles and she had both of us and some bystanders laughing at her laugh. Since Chloe didn't like the beach, David hit the ocean while she and I napped on the last day. Then that evening we took her to Broadway at the Beach and let her ride all of the kiddie rides. She had a blast on the carousel, train, and ferris wheel. We even rode the carousel twice! Then we walked around for over an hour just taking everything in. It was by far the most fun evening because Chloe was loving every second of it as were we.

DAY SIX: We left the beach this morning and headed up to NC to visit with my family for a few days. That was fun! We were able to spend time with my parents and Chloe was able to see her extended family as well whom she hasn't seen since Christmas. They were all shocked at how much she has grown since then. And I guess so since she has grown 5.5 inches in the past 6 months.

DAY EIGHT: Arrived back in Clarksville safe and sound with baby boy still where he needs to be. I did have lots of contractions all week, but he stayed put and I rested as much as I could. Enjoy the pictures of vacation. And if you've read this far, I'm impressed as I typed what seems to be a novel.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Best Laid Plans....

For the past 3 months, David and I have been planning our first real vacation with Chloe. The 3 of us were planning on heading to Myrtle Beach, SC today and staying for a full week. The hotel was paid for, everything was coming together nicely and then it happened...
Yesterday, I woke up just feeling "off." I was faint feeling and having several contractions which I thought were just Braxton-Hicks. To me, it wasn't really a big deal as I have them all of the time. So, I took Chloe to gymnastics, went to Chick-fil-A for lunch, then came home and did laundry, dishes, and started making the packing list. Throughout all of this, the contractions kept coming but I was in denial. All I could think of was my beloved vacation that I was determined to go on. I called David at work to ask him what he thought I should do as my OB has a rule of "if you are contracting, don't come here, go to L&D." I definitly didn't want to go to the hospital. I mean really, that would mean I would get behind on my packing and cleaning, would have to find a babysitter for Chloe, and would probably go up there to find out that what I was having was indeed no big deal and be sent home. Wasted time... Well, when David got home from work, I was in all out pain so I decided that I would go to L&D. My friend Erin was my life-saver and volunteered to keep Chloe for me so I got a bag together for her and off we went. Keep in mind that I really only thought I would be there for 2 hours so I packed the bare minimum for Chloe. Thank God Erin has 2 small children and has all of the kiddie food, sippy cups, pack-n-plays, movies etc... that got Chloe through the night.
Upon checking in to the labor unit, I was hooked up to the monitors and found that I was indeed in pre-term labor and my contractions were 3 minutes apart!!! WHAT?!?!? I could not believe it. I mean, yes, I had been feeling them all day, but 3 minutes apart?!? At this point, I started asking the nurse if she thought we could still go on vacay because I needed a break and that bedrest doesn't necessarily mean I have to be in bed, right? I can rest just as well on a sandy beach or in a lounge chair at the pool. I think she thought I was joking, but no, not me...I was serious! At that point, I was reminded of a verse that I read this week that has stuck in my mind so vividly. It's in Psalms and speaks to the tune of "You can lay out your plans, but the Lord will determine your steps." Hmmmm.... maybe God was trying to show me how true that was. Here I was planning vacation, getting everything just so, and then my world was rocked. And for those who know me, you know that I am a very Type A, don't mess with my plans, type of person. I started to stress even more at this point, but could really feel God telling me that it would all be alright. Anyways, the nurse phoned the OB on call and got some orders. I was told I couldn't have the main drug that they use to stop contractions because of my history of rapid heartbeat and instead they started an IV, gave me lots of fluids and 10 mg of Morphine. This didn't stop them so I ended up also getting a pill which 6 hours later caused my contractions to finally stop. So...13 hours after arriving at the hospital, I was sent home and told to minimize walking, stairclimbing, exposure to heat, and anything else that may have brought on the contractions.
However, guess what...we can still go on vacation!!! Yes, it's several hours later than we wanted to leave, but I am comfortable and confident that my son and I are A-OK! Most importantly though, I have seen how although my plans may be just perfect and well-thought out in my mind, that God still directs my steps. We may not get to where we are going in the way we thought we would, but His way is always better. I don't know why this had to happen, and truly, I am not even questioning it because I know it's from Him.
When we get home I will blog about our trip and post some new's been a while I know. Myrtle we come!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nursery Pictures

So Baby Boy's nursery painting is done. All that's left to do is get the furniture in there which we will do in early July since we are using Chloe's nursery set for him. I don't want to change her to the toddler bed until after vacation. for the painting of the nursery, David painted the actual 2 colors on the wall and then my neighbor came over to do the mural. She just started her own business and as you'll see in the pics, does a phenomenal job! We chose to use to different shades of brown and use accent colors of orange and green (The bedding is green). I didn't want a ton of color on the wall as I didn't want his room to be too "loud", so my neighbor suggested just painting a silhouette using the darker brown. Anyways, the theme is African Safari and the pictures truly speak for themselves. If any of you want her information, please let me know. The pricing is very affordable and she finished the job in just 1.5 days. I'm highly recommending her!

The beginning of the nursery...Chloe went in to see her daddy painting and stepped in his tray of paint. Neither of us noticed until she had made a little trail of footprints. No worries came right out.

This is the wall you see when you first walk in. The baby lion's are underneath the tree and a herd of zebras are walking away.

Where the wall ends and the next begins...looks as though the zebras are following the elephants

Mommy and baby elephants

This is a giraffe growth chart. We just have to go back and add the numbers in.