Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short Update With Pics

"Hollywood Blevins" - Chloe loves wearing her sunglasses!

Playing at her cousin's birthday party. It was at an indoor bounce place called Little Jumping Bean. Chloe had a blast!

crawling around a gazebo at the zoo

Family pic

Chloe and I made it back from Atlanta safely on Tuesday afternoon. But before coming back, we packed a lot into our weekend. We spent Saturday at a party with family and then we took Chloe to see our friends who live in Atlanta. On Sunday we took Chloe to her cousin's birthday party at a jumping place and then spent the afternoon and evening with David's brother's family. It was really nice to be able to hang out and catch up with them. On Monday we took Chloe to the Atlanta Zoo. That was definitly a blast! Chloe really is into animals right now - especially elephants - so she really enjoyed strolling through the zoo. The exhibits were beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the day just went great. At the end of our zoo trip, Chloe's "Gramom" bought her the cutest stuffed elephant which we have named Ellie. She carries Ellie EVERYWHERE and sleep snuggled up with her. She's also learned how to make an elephant sound. So cute.
Anyways, David is expected back tonight - he had to stay in Atlanta and attend some meetings at corporate HQ. And my brother's wife is also coming tonight to visit for the weekend. SO EXCITED! For those who read this and don't know, my little brother is deployed to Iraq but before that they were living in Hawaii so we don't get to see them too often at all. It should be a fun weekend for all of us - and Chloe will get some fun time in with her Aunt Kim.

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NC Howell Family said...

Kelly that is so funny about Chloe liking elephants cause that has always been Nicklaus' favorite animal and he can't get enough of them. We went to the zoo yesterday and that was all he was interested in, you can tell they are cousins. Love Sharon