Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day this year was WONDERFUL! I woke up with my first thought being "Thank you Lord for choosing me to be a mommy!" I feel so honored and blessed that God entrusted me to care for and love Chloe and Baby Boy. He could have chosen ANYONE to be their mom, but He chose me!!! So...I spent the day in total gratitude. Other than that though, I spent my day relaxing as well. David brought me breakfast, tulips in my favorite color, and he spent the day caring for Chloe so that I didn't have to lift a finger. It was GLORIOUS!!! It was amazing that when I didn't have to do anything, or even ask for anything to be done, that I actually was WANTING to do things. Ahhh, this was the perfect Mother's Day!

Things here have been fun lately. I'm starting to get things for the baby's room and for Chloe's big girl room now. We are going to put her in her toddler bed after we return from vacation in June and move her nursery furniture into her brother's room. The theme for his room will be African Safari with the colors of orange, brown, and green. Our friend is going to be painting a mural on the main wall in his nursery. I'll be sure to post pics when she is finished with it. Chloe's room will remain yellow with pink and green polka dots. I think David would die if I asked him to paint over all of those dots that he painted so meticulously.

In 2 short weeks we will be having our 4-D ultrasound done so be on the lookout for those pictures. Very excited about that!

Chloe is doing great in gymnastics! I cannot believe the progress that she has made already. The only part that she doesn't like is when she has to sit down for the stretches. She has tantrums during that part, but who can blame her?!? She wants to get up and be active. Today she actually learned how to do a front flip (with assistance)and she liked doing it. She also walked across the long balance beam (again, with assistance) at least 4 times.

Chloe also had her 18 month check-up this morning at the pediatrician's office. I CANNOT believe that she is already 18 months old! She is 26 pounds and 32.5 inches putting her in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. Her ears were perfectly clear - yay! - and everything else checked out great too. You can definitly tell that Chloe was sick a lot as an infant because as soon as Dr. Seawell walked in, Chloe looked at her with tears welling up and said "go go go" while pointing to the door.

Sorry there are no pictures with this post as I am sure that's what family really looks forward to, but we are going to Atlanta this weekend so when we get back I will post a ton of pics. We plan on taking Chloe to the zoo and Georgia Aquarium while there so it should be fun.

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