Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chloe the Gymnast

before gymnastics - not really too awake then

Exhausted after gymnastics! She took a GREAT nap!

Chloe's favorite thing to do ball

Chloe LOVES to help sweep! She must get this from David as I HATE doing the floors

before our pool party last night, Chloe decided to have a rest break on the couch

So today was Chloe's first ever gymnastics class. It's a Mommy and Me class so I had to participate too. At first, Chloe didn't really care for it. The kids all had to jump across this long blown up mat and then jump back across a long trampoline. Let's just say that I ended up jumping across them with Chloe in my arms about 4-5 times. I got my workout for sure! She loved it as long as I was holding her. Then, all the kids got in a circle and they did stretches...a.k.a. sunshines, rainbows, rain puddles, flex and points, etc... It was really cute to see all these little tiny ones doing these things (Chloe was the youngest one in there - the others were 22 months - 3 years). Chloe sort of participated in that part. Then, they moved on to the obstacle course which after about 10 minutes, Chloe was in line with the rest of them doing MOST of the things, but not all of them. She really warmed up towards the end and ran off to get back on the big long trampoline all by herself and run up and down it. It was so cute. Every few feet she would fall down on purpose and roll around. She had a ball. Her little friend Kirk is also in her class so he sort of showed her the ropes a little. At the end, they sang a goodbye song and we all left. Since today was a trial class for her, I went ahead and signed her up for a permanent spot. Although she wasn't too keen on it at first, I think towards the end she really had fun and hopefully she will get more and more used to it the more we go. I was told by seasoned parents, and the coaches, that it generally takes a few sessions for the kids to get used to everything and really start to like it a lot. If she doesn't, we pay on a month by month basis so I can pull her out at anytime. I think she will be fine though.

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