Monday, May 26, 2008

4-D U/S results...

Well, Baby Blevins is still a BOY! No doubts at all - not that there were really any doubts to begin with. Anyways, he is still VERY breech with his head on my upper right side and his body wrapping around my abdomen in a C shape. His body almost makes a complete circle as his feet are close to his head. He is facing my back so the pics were really hard for the U/S lady to get, and of course baby wasn't about to move for her. Anyways, we can tell what everything is and hopefully you'll be able to see some of what we saw. Oh yeah, babies usually start growing hair around 30 weeks...I am 27 weeks and this baby has already got sprigs of hair. He will be hairy like Chloe I'm sure. For now though, his head looks like David's (ha-ha!).

Both legs sticking up

Both legs sticking up again and his head kind of facing down and an arm by the head

baby's face on the right side of the picture. he was facing my back the whole time so she could only get half of his face.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun weekend!

New dress from Grammy. SUPER CUTE!!! Thanks Grammy!

Playing with Aunt Kim before church

"This is how it works Aunt Kim."

This past weekend was so much fun! My sister-in-law, Kim, came in late on Thursday night and left late this afternoon. While she was here, we took Chloe to the indoor jump place in Pleasant View and then to the yummy Mexican restaurant right by it on Friday. Then that night, Kim and I joined some of my girlfriends for a girl's night out at the Looking Glass - a phenomenal restaurant here in Clarksville. I had never been there so it was a real treat and I'm definitly going to be going back. Then on Saturday, we toured around Clarksville and took Chloe to the Fairgrounds to play. That evening, we enjoyed some wine at Jazz on the Lawn (okay - I did NOT enjoy anything but my Coke Zero) and heard a great band play. The weather was really perfect and we were able to stay the whole time. Chloe was so good while we were there! She played with another little 18 month old baby that was sitting right by us. On Sunday, we went to church and out to eat afterwards. Then, the time came to take her back to the airport and say our good-byes. I am really sad that she is gone, but really looking forward to the possibility of her getting to come back again in the fall!
** Thank you Kim for coming to visit and hang out with us! We really loved having you here!**

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short Update With Pics

"Hollywood Blevins" - Chloe loves wearing her sunglasses!

Playing at her cousin's birthday party. It was at an indoor bounce place called Little Jumping Bean. Chloe had a blast!

crawling around a gazebo at the zoo

Family pic

Chloe and I made it back from Atlanta safely on Tuesday afternoon. But before coming back, we packed a lot into our weekend. We spent Saturday at a party with family and then we took Chloe to see our friends who live in Atlanta. On Sunday we took Chloe to her cousin's birthday party at a jumping place and then spent the afternoon and evening with David's brother's family. It was really nice to be able to hang out and catch up with them. On Monday we took Chloe to the Atlanta Zoo. That was definitly a blast! Chloe really is into animals right now - especially elephants - so she really enjoyed strolling through the zoo. The exhibits were beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the day just went great. At the end of our zoo trip, Chloe's "Gramom" bought her the cutest stuffed elephant which we have named Ellie. She carries Ellie EVERYWHERE and sleep snuggled up with her. She's also learned how to make an elephant sound. So cute.
Anyways, David is expected back tonight - he had to stay in Atlanta and attend some meetings at corporate HQ. And my brother's wife is also coming tonight to visit for the weekend. SO EXCITED! For those who read this and don't know, my little brother is deployed to Iraq but before that they were living in Hawaii so we don't get to see them too often at all. It should be a fun weekend for all of us - and Chloe will get some fun time in with her Aunt Kim.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day this year was WONDERFUL! I woke up with my first thought being "Thank you Lord for choosing me to be a mommy!" I feel so honored and blessed that God entrusted me to care for and love Chloe and Baby Boy. He could have chosen ANYONE to be their mom, but He chose me!!! So...I spent the day in total gratitude. Other than that though, I spent my day relaxing as well. David brought me breakfast, tulips in my favorite color, and he spent the day caring for Chloe so that I didn't have to lift a finger. It was GLORIOUS!!! It was amazing that when I didn't have to do anything, or even ask for anything to be done, that I actually was WANTING to do things. Ahhh, this was the perfect Mother's Day!

Things here have been fun lately. I'm starting to get things for the baby's room and for Chloe's big girl room now. We are going to put her in her toddler bed after we return from vacation in June and move her nursery furniture into her brother's room. The theme for his room will be African Safari with the colors of orange, brown, and green. Our friend is going to be painting a mural on the main wall in his nursery. I'll be sure to post pics when she is finished with it. Chloe's room will remain yellow with pink and green polka dots. I think David would die if I asked him to paint over all of those dots that he painted so meticulously.

In 2 short weeks we will be having our 4-D ultrasound done so be on the lookout for those pictures. Very excited about that!

Chloe is doing great in gymnastics! I cannot believe the progress that she has made already. The only part that she doesn't like is when she has to sit down for the stretches. She has tantrums during that part, but who can blame her?!? She wants to get up and be active. Today she actually learned how to do a front flip (with assistance)and she liked doing it. She also walked across the long balance beam (again, with assistance) at least 4 times.

Chloe also had her 18 month check-up this morning at the pediatrician's office. I CANNOT believe that she is already 18 months old! She is 26 pounds and 32.5 inches putting her in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. Her ears were perfectly clear - yay! - and everything else checked out great too. You can definitly tell that Chloe was sick a lot as an infant because as soon as Dr. Seawell walked in, Chloe looked at her with tears welling up and said "go go go" while pointing to the door.

Sorry there are no pictures with this post as I am sure that's what family really looks forward to, but we are going to Atlanta this weekend so when we get back I will post a ton of pics. We plan on taking Chloe to the zoo and Georgia Aquarium while there so it should be fun.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More pics and an update...

Update on the pregnancy...
I am now almost 25 weeks along (a little over 6 months) and things are going really really well. I had an appointment today for a regular checkup. Baby Boy's heartrate is in the 140s, and he is measuring at exactly where he should be. I told Dr. Hamre that I think that I am carrying the Incredible Hulk because of the punches and kicks that this kid throws. Seriously, this baby has an art for kicking and punching at the same time so I feel it all over. And might I say that HE IS STRONG!!! Other than that, I got a prescription for Zantac for the severe heartburn that I have (yes, this probably means another very hairy baby for me),and the orange glucose drink for the next appointment where they will check for diabetes. I'm one of the weird-o's I guess because I LOVE that drink! I cannot wait to be able to down it!!! Anyways, next appt. is June 3rd and then I will start going every 2 weeks. I cannot believe that we are at that point already!
Oh, and we are going to have a 4-D ultrasound done at the end of May or beginning of June. I'm so excited about that. I want to make sure that this baby really is a of our friends thought that she was having a boy until her 38 week appointment where they did an U/S and discovered that the "he part" was really just the cord. I want double confirmation before we start on his nursery.
That's all for now. I'll update as things progress.

This is what happens when David diapers Chloe...

Our azalea bushes are starting to bloom. I love looking at them!

Chloe will go up to the bushes and say "look" while she points to the flowers. I think she likes them too!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some recent pics...

Let me just start off saying that there are a few more pics that I wanted to share but my camera battery died in the middle of uploading. So..there will be more to share on Wednesday evening. Enjoy these until then.

Feeding Baby Molly...

Chloe loves crawling underneath the dining room table and will actually throw her ball under it just so she can go get it

Bowling! The only problem is that she gets really mad when she knocks the pins down so she tries to throw the ball away from the pins.

Standing in her new pool. She was a little leary at first but I think it was because the water was a little cool at first. She warmed up to it soon after.

Holding her daddy's hand while she bends down to pick up the sunglasses that she threw in the pool

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chloe the Gymnast

before gymnastics - not really too awake then

Exhausted after gymnastics! She took a GREAT nap!

Chloe's favorite thing to do ball

Chloe LOVES to help sweep! She must get this from David as I HATE doing the floors

before our pool party last night, Chloe decided to have a rest break on the couch

So today was Chloe's first ever gymnastics class. It's a Mommy and Me class so I had to participate too. At first, Chloe didn't really care for it. The kids all had to jump across this long blown up mat and then jump back across a long trampoline. Let's just say that I ended up jumping across them with Chloe in my arms about 4-5 times. I got my workout for sure! She loved it as long as I was holding her. Then, all the kids got in a circle and they did stretches...a.k.a. sunshines, rainbows, rain puddles, flex and points, etc... It was really cute to see all these little tiny ones doing these things (Chloe was the youngest one in there - the others were 22 months - 3 years). Chloe sort of participated in that part. Then, they moved on to the obstacle course which after about 10 minutes, Chloe was in line with the rest of them doing MOST of the things, but not all of them. She really warmed up towards the end and ran off to get back on the big long trampoline all by herself and run up and down it. It was so cute. Every few feet she would fall down on purpose and roll around. She had a ball. Her little friend Kirk is also in her class so he sort of showed her the ropes a little. At the end, they sang a goodbye song and we all left. Since today was a trial class for her, I went ahead and signed her up for a permanent spot. Although she wasn't too keen on it at first, I think towards the end she really had fun and hopefully she will get more and more used to it the more we go. I was told by seasoned parents, and the coaches, that it generally takes a few sessions for the kids to get used to everything and really start to like it a lot. If she doesn't, we pay on a month by month basis so I can pull her out at anytime. I think she will be fine though.