Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long time...

This is Chloe's wild hair-do after a hard day at play. I LOVE IT!!! Click on the picture to enlarge it - it's better that way!

Climbing into her basket of books. She also likes to sit on the edge of the basket for story-time

Putting together a puzzle. She can do this one herself and knows where every piece goes.

Chloe and our neighbor Hannah strolling their babies around the block. SO CUTE!

Chloe's new favorite hiding place/playing place

Mmmmm...I love yogurt. She uses a spoon for about 1/2 of the jar and then will dig in with her hands for the rest.

Going through her "library" of books

This is one of her favorites. It's about a duck race and one of the ducks squeaks when pressed.

Happy girl

It's been a while since I last updated this blog, so I thought I had better send a "what's new with us post" and some new pics for the grandparents to see. Things here have been really really busy.
Last week, I woke up on Tuesday morning with severe kidney pains which had me on my knees and almost breathless. We called my OB and were told to go over to the hospital so that's what we did. When we arrived, we were sent straight to Labor and Delivery instead of the Emergency Room since I am now over 20 weeks preggo. When I got up to the room and settled, they hooked me up to some monitors so they could watch the baby and any contractions that may be happening, and they took a pee sample. After a few hours, we were sent home. I didn't see a doctor, much less even get to talk to one (by the way, it was NOT my doctor that was on hospital duty that day)!!! They pretty much blew it off since the urine sample came back showing no infection. I went home still unable to pee very well for 9 solid hours and then all of a sudden I was better. The next day I went in for my regular OB appointment. My doctor felt as though I passed a kidney stone or several possibly and has since referred me to a urologist (I go tomorrow - April 16th). I had this exact same issue during my pregnancy with Chloe so I feel like this is deja' vu in some respect. I have not had any more severe pain since last week, although every day I do feel some degree of discomfort in my kidneys.
On another note, David has been offered a second Chick-fil-A store!!! It's a blessing and is very exciting for us. It is on the campus of UT-Martin which is about 2 hours from here. How it works is that the food service company for the university will manage and be in charge of it, but David has the ultimate say so in everything. He will be the "Owner/Operator Consultant" and will visit the store monthly to make sure they are following procedures and are staying true to the brand. The only downside of this adventure is that the grand opening of it is August 25th. That would be 1 day after our baby is due to be born. That being said, since I will have another C-Section this time, I may have to ask/beg my doctor to do it earlier in the week rather than later like I had planned. I definitly want to be home from the hospital before David gets tied up in his new store. Regardless though, my mom will be here to help and that was such a huge blessing last time.
On to Chloe...what I know you all are really wanting to hear about. She is getting so big! She's now wearing 24 month or 2T size clothes but still in just a size 5 shoe. She is starting to attempt to say new words and has actually succeeded a few times. Her list of new words includes "ready, again, boo, go, no, mama, cheese, yogurt, cracker". She only says these very rarely, but she does say them. I'm wondering if she is on to another ear infection though...she has been rubbing at her left ear lately, but she has no other symptoms. No fever, no fussiness, she's sleeping great, no nothing except the ear rubbing. I know she is getting one of her bottom incisors (which will make 15 teeth!!!) so that could be it, but I'm going to watch her the rest of today and if she is still doing it, I will take her in tomorrow to just be checked. If it is another infection, I may demand a refund on the tubes (just kidding!).
Anyways, she is still "strolling" her baby around the house, yard, and neighborhood. Her new favorite thing is to head to our neighbor's house and play with the other little girls and their strollers. They are adorable! There are 3 of them and they all push their little babies around in the strollers. I'll have to try to get some pics of that soon. She also has a new found love for going down the slide at the park. She giggles the whole way down and then when she reaches the bottom, she shreiks and tries to climb back up the slide. It is the cutest thing. David is going to get her a playground for our backyard soon. I've also ordered her a new pool. It's bigger than the one she had last year and has little things that squirt water up - like little fountains. She will love it - heck, I might too by the time summer gets here and I'm 8 months preggo. I may sit in the darn thing.
I think that's all for now... I'll update about my urologist appointment tomorrow when I get home. Hope you liked the newest Chloe pictures.

Just got home from my urology appointment and it went as I expected. I really like this doctor a lot, and he feels very strongly that I did pass a small stone last week. He said that his hands are really tied right now...if I were not pregnant he would have had me in the CT scanner last week and would have done other tests as well, however, that's not possible since I am preggo. So...he told me to take pain medicine and drink tons of water in case there are more stones that need to pass. He asked what I was taking for pain and I told him Tylenol. He almost laughed but I told him that that is all my OB will allow. He said that Tylenol won't touch kidney stone pain and gave me an Rx for a stronger medicine that is safe in pregnancy. He also said that if I have another one, that I am to contact my OB and him as well and we will see what can be done then. I asked about the kidney pains and if they are indicitive of more stones and he said that he really couldn't be sure without tests. I also asked about the possibility of going into pre-term labor again because of them and he said that he hoped not - that makes 4 of us (me, David, him and my OB). So, for now, we wait and pray. Luckily, I'm feeling pretty good so I can't complain a bit.

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