Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chloe's drug of choice...

Chloe getting her Albuterol treatment - this is one of the very few times she has worn the mask...usually I have to hold it up to her mouth and nose

Chloe may be young, but I think if she were a "user" her drug of choice would be Albuterol! Yes, that's right...I said Albuterol, as in the respiratory drug used primarily to treat wheezing and bronchospasms.
We found out Tuesday that Chloe has viral pneumonia after a very long night (Monday) of difficulty breathing, wheezing and coughing. I took her to see her pediatrician Tuesday morning and after receiving a chest X-ray, blood work, and testing her oxygen level, they were able to make the diagnosis.
To look at her, you would think that she was not sick at all - that's due to the Albuterol. My sweet baby girl is so jacked up on it and super hyper that all she wants to do is run, yell, and play. Any other time this would be good, however, all of the hyperactivity makes her breathing worse which in turn requires her to have more breathing treatments which in turn makes her more hyper etc...IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE!!! All I can say right now it thank God for cartoons and Benadryl. Those both calm her down somewhat and allow her to take a "breather." I don't know how long she will be on the breathing treatments as the pneumonia was "just getting started" yesterday according to her pediatrician and that we may have a long few days ahead of us. For now though, I'm giving the Albuterol every 4-6 hours and the Benadryl 2 times/day to help dry her up some (and calm her down some).
One fun little fact is that Chloe LOVES her breathing treatments. I was a little nervous to give it to her at home because of the way she reacted to the first one at the doctor's office. However, it was a different story at home. I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon, put her in my lap, and held the mask up to her face. She was fascinated...she kept trying to lick the "steam". It was funny! Now she actually will push her face into the mask while I hold it (she refuses to wear the mask). She does so well and she will bring me my stethascope when the treatment is done so that I can listen to her lungs. She catches on to routine rather quickly!
I'll update you all if anything changes.

So it's Saturday morning and Chloe is still requiring the Albuterol treatments. I thought we were on the upswing yesterday, as she only required 2 the whole day, but today we are back-tracking a bit. She's still coughing, wheezing and very "tight" sounding so we are going back to giving them every 6-8 hours. Also, I have switched her from Benadryl to a prescription antihistamine which should help dry her up even more (hopefully). I called her pediatrician this morning to see if Chloe needed to be seen due to the continued symptoms and questionably worsening since yesterday, but she said that this is normal...that Chloe may require the Albuterol for another few days, and that if she is not better by Monday or Tuesday to bring her back for a follow-up.'s to another few days of hyperactivity, Albuterol, and exhaustion on my part.
One side note...David got up with her this morning so that I could get some much needed rest. At 9:00 though, I was awakened by Chloe yelling and coughing so I got on up and started my day. By noon, when I laid her down for her nap, David looked at me as serious as he could and said "now I see what you mean when you say Albuterol hypes her up. She's crazy! I'm tired...I'm going to take a nap. I don't see how you do this." Although I felt a little bit bad for him, part of me had to smile on the inside as I thought to myself, "see, it IS hard (although very rewarding) to be a stay-at-home mom, watch over her, keep her safe, keep the house clean, entertain her, and teach her things all day long." I do love when he gets glimpses into my world!

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Amy said...

Hey Kelly,
Sorry to hear Chloe is sick again! Bless her heart. She looks like a little trooper though. As far as the albuterol goes, Adalee has had to take it before and it does the same thing to her. Our pulmonolgist gives her Xopenex which is the same type of drug, just with less side effects. Adalee can take one of those treatments and still go straight to bed. It might be worth asking about. I know all kids react differently. I'm praying for a quick recovery with no more problems. Let me know if you need anything.