Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Rare Occasion...

So this is probably one of the only times that I will ever post pregnancy pictures on this blog. I feel like I need to at least have a few momentos of this pregnancy though since I did have quite a few of Chloe's. So...I will be 6 months on Saturday which is completely hard to believe. I feel so HUGE and cannot see how this baby is going to have room to get much bigger (he's only about 1.5 pounds now), but I know that that just means that not only will he get bigger, but SO WILL I!!! AAAGGHHHHH! Seriously, I didn't feel this huge with Chloe until about 8 months. Anyways, I think it's true about the difference in how you carry girls versus boys. With him, I've gained all in my belly and face, but with her, I gained ALL OVER! Yes, that was a lovely sight - NOT!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chloe's drug of choice...

Chloe getting her Albuterol treatment - this is one of the very few times she has worn the mask...usually I have to hold it up to her mouth and nose

Chloe may be young, but I think if she were a "user" her drug of choice would be Albuterol! Yes, that's right...I said Albuterol, as in the respiratory drug used primarily to treat wheezing and bronchospasms.
We found out Tuesday that Chloe has viral pneumonia after a very long night (Monday) of difficulty breathing, wheezing and coughing. I took her to see her pediatrician Tuesday morning and after receiving a chest X-ray, blood work, and testing her oxygen level, they were able to make the diagnosis.
To look at her, you would think that she was not sick at all - that's due to the Albuterol. My sweet baby girl is so jacked up on it and super hyper that all she wants to do is run, yell, and play. Any other time this would be good, however, all of the hyperactivity makes her breathing worse which in turn requires her to have more breathing treatments which in turn makes her more hyper etc...IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE!!! All I can say right now it thank God for cartoons and Benadryl. Those both calm her down somewhat and allow her to take a "breather." I don't know how long she will be on the breathing treatments as the pneumonia was "just getting started" yesterday according to her pediatrician and that we may have a long few days ahead of us. For now though, I'm giving the Albuterol every 4-6 hours and the Benadryl 2 times/day to help dry her up some (and calm her down some).
One fun little fact is that Chloe LOVES her breathing treatments. I was a little nervous to give it to her at home because of the way she reacted to the first one at the doctor's office. However, it was a different story at home. I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon, put her in my lap, and held the mask up to her face. She was fascinated...she kept trying to lick the "steam". It was funny! Now she actually will push her face into the mask while I hold it (she refuses to wear the mask). She does so well and she will bring me my stethascope when the treatment is done so that I can listen to her lungs. She catches on to routine rather quickly!
I'll update you all if anything changes.

So it's Saturday morning and Chloe is still requiring the Albuterol treatments. I thought we were on the upswing yesterday, as she only required 2 the whole day, but today we are back-tracking a bit. She's still coughing, wheezing and very "tight" sounding so we are going back to giving them every 6-8 hours. Also, I have switched her from Benadryl to a prescription antihistamine which should help dry her up even more (hopefully). I called her pediatrician this morning to see if Chloe needed to be seen due to the continued symptoms and questionably worsening since yesterday, but she said that this is normal...that Chloe may require the Albuterol for another few days, and that if she is not better by Monday or Tuesday to bring her back for a follow-up.'s to another few days of hyperactivity, Albuterol, and exhaustion on my part.
One side note...David got up with her this morning so that I could get some much needed rest. At 9:00 though, I was awakened by Chloe yelling and coughing so I got on up and started my day. By noon, when I laid her down for her nap, David looked at me as serious as he could and said "now I see what you mean when you say Albuterol hypes her up. She's crazy! I'm tired...I'm going to take a nap. I don't see how you do this." Although I felt a little bit bad for him, part of me had to smile on the inside as I thought to myself, "see, it IS hard (although very rewarding) to be a stay-at-home mom, watch over her, keep her safe, keep the house clean, entertain her, and teach her things all day long." I do love when he gets glimpses into my world!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo!

The baby play mat area

Chloe playing in the big kid area for a minute

A very very sad pout when leaving the zoo - honestly, she fell asleep with this expression and I thought it was too cute not to take a picture of

Monkey - this monkey actually had a stuffed animal he carried around

tons of gators

Koi pond

Chloe's favorite!

Chloe feeding her baby a french fry

So yesterday, 4 of my girlfriends and I set off to Nashville with all of our kids (12 total) for a day at the zoo. The weather was perfect...74 degrees, nice breeze, and sunny. We arrived to a parking lot full of school buses that we later found out carried 1500 school children, and there were also tons of other moms with strollers. We spent nearly 5 hours walking around the zoo seeing all of the attractions. Chloe did did all of the other kids. She stayed in her stroller with no complaints, took a nap through the animal exhibits that she didn't care for (neither did I), and then woke up to eat and see the animals that she knows. Her favorites were the monkeys, elephants, and giraffes. She kept pointing and trying to tell me something about the animals although I have no idea what she was saying. It was really cute. She also had her first carousel ride! She wouldn't sit on any of the animals though so she and I took our ride on the stationary bench. She really didn't like it either for some reason. She crawled in my lap and buried her head in my shoulder for much of the ride. Occasionally she would look up to see if we were still moving, and then it was right back to my shoulder. Hmmm...I wonder if she was feeling dizzy. It was slow to me, but to a 17 month old I can see where it would be a tad fast.
Also at the zoo is a HUGE playground for the older kids and a smaller area of padded mats for the babies. Chloe and I crawled on into the baby area and she was off to play. She ran around on these huge mats and would fall face first on purpose and then just cackle. She had a ball! She was climbing on things and rolling around kicking her legs. She even ran with her mouth wide open and tongue hanging out as she was so excited. My friend took video of this with her camera so as soon as she emails it to me, I will send it on to you all.
Anyways, all in all, the day was a success! We got home around 4:00 and she was in bed at 7:00 with me following suit shortly there-after. I didn't realize how tiring it would be after 5 hours of pushing a stroller with a 26 pound baby in it while being 22 weeks pregnant. Whew! YAY for some serious exercise.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long time...

This is Chloe's wild hair-do after a hard day at play. I LOVE IT!!! Click on the picture to enlarge it - it's better that way!

Climbing into her basket of books. She also likes to sit on the edge of the basket for story-time

Putting together a puzzle. She can do this one herself and knows where every piece goes.

Chloe and our neighbor Hannah strolling their babies around the block. SO CUTE!

Chloe's new favorite hiding place/playing place

Mmmmm...I love yogurt. She uses a spoon for about 1/2 of the jar and then will dig in with her hands for the rest.

Going through her "library" of books

This is one of her favorites. It's about a duck race and one of the ducks squeaks when pressed.

Happy girl

It's been a while since I last updated this blog, so I thought I had better send a "what's new with us post" and some new pics for the grandparents to see. Things here have been really really busy.
Last week, I woke up on Tuesday morning with severe kidney pains which had me on my knees and almost breathless. We called my OB and were told to go over to the hospital so that's what we did. When we arrived, we were sent straight to Labor and Delivery instead of the Emergency Room since I am now over 20 weeks preggo. When I got up to the room and settled, they hooked me up to some monitors so they could watch the baby and any contractions that may be happening, and they took a pee sample. After a few hours, we were sent home. I didn't see a doctor, much less even get to talk to one (by the way, it was NOT my doctor that was on hospital duty that day)!!! They pretty much blew it off since the urine sample came back showing no infection. I went home still unable to pee very well for 9 solid hours and then all of a sudden I was better. The next day I went in for my regular OB appointment. My doctor felt as though I passed a kidney stone or several possibly and has since referred me to a urologist (I go tomorrow - April 16th). I had this exact same issue during my pregnancy with Chloe so I feel like this is deja' vu in some respect. I have not had any more severe pain since last week, although every day I do feel some degree of discomfort in my kidneys.
On another note, David has been offered a second Chick-fil-A store!!! It's a blessing and is very exciting for us. It is on the campus of UT-Martin which is about 2 hours from here. How it works is that the food service company for the university will manage and be in charge of it, but David has the ultimate say so in everything. He will be the "Owner/Operator Consultant" and will visit the store monthly to make sure they are following procedures and are staying true to the brand. The only downside of this adventure is that the grand opening of it is August 25th. That would be 1 day after our baby is due to be born. That being said, since I will have another C-Section this time, I may have to ask/beg my doctor to do it earlier in the week rather than later like I had planned. I definitly want to be home from the hospital before David gets tied up in his new store. Regardless though, my mom will be here to help and that was such a huge blessing last time.
On to Chloe...what I know you all are really wanting to hear about. She is getting so big! She's now wearing 24 month or 2T size clothes but still in just a size 5 shoe. She is starting to attempt to say new words and has actually succeeded a few times. Her list of new words includes "ready, again, boo, go, no, mama, cheese, yogurt, cracker". She only says these very rarely, but she does say them. I'm wondering if she is on to another ear infection though...she has been rubbing at her left ear lately, but she has no other symptoms. No fever, no fussiness, she's sleeping great, no nothing except the ear rubbing. I know she is getting one of her bottom incisors (which will make 15 teeth!!!) so that could be it, but I'm going to watch her the rest of today and if she is still doing it, I will take her in tomorrow to just be checked. If it is another infection, I may demand a refund on the tubes (just kidding!).
Anyways, she is still "strolling" her baby around the house, yard, and neighborhood. Her new favorite thing is to head to our neighbor's house and play with the other little girls and their strollers. They are adorable! There are 3 of them and they all push their little babies around in the strollers. I'll have to try to get some pics of that soon. She also has a new found love for going down the slide at the park. She giggles the whole way down and then when she reaches the bottom, she shreiks and tries to climb back up the slide. It is the cutest thing. David is going to get her a playground for our backyard soon. I've also ordered her a new pool. It's bigger than the one she had last year and has little things that squirt water up - like little fountains. She will love it - heck, I might too by the time summer gets here and I'm 8 months preggo. I may sit in the darn thing.
I think that's all for now... I'll update about my urologist appointment tomorrow when I get home. Hope you liked the newest Chloe pictures.

Just got home from my urology appointment and it went as I expected. I really like this doctor a lot, and he feels very strongly that I did pass a small stone last week. He said that his hands are really tied right now...if I were not pregnant he would have had me in the CT scanner last week and would have done other tests as well, however, that's not possible since I am preggo. So...he told me to take pain medicine and drink tons of water in case there are more stones that need to pass. He asked what I was taking for pain and I told him Tylenol. He almost laughed but I told him that that is all my OB will allow. He said that Tylenol won't touch kidney stone pain and gave me an Rx for a stronger medicine that is safe in pregnancy. He also said that if I have another one, that I am to contact my OB and him as well and we will see what can be done then. I asked about the kidney pains and if they are indicitive of more stones and he said that he really couldn't be sure without tests. I also asked about the possibility of going into pre-term labor again because of them and he said that he hoped not - that makes 4 of us (me, David, him and my OB). So, for now, we wait and pray. Luckily, I'm feeling pretty good so I can't complain a bit.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Blevins 2.0 is a....

Profile with the arm going across the face. Baby is waving!

Gender...any guesses as to what that may be?!?

Profile shot again

BOY!!!!! Yep, that's right, this baby held nothing back. No modesty on his part. He was such a little wiggler today, but very cooperative for the measurements. I have to say...he is ADORABLE! He was opening and closing his mouth a lot, and he kept putting his little arm across his face. I knew I already loved this baby so much, but just knowing the gender now makes me feel even that much more in love with him. After the ultrasound, we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and then to Target to get the little one his first outfit. Of course I couldn't buy him something and not get anything for Chloe, so she got some summer pajamas too. I hope that you all can tell what the pictures are that were posted. The one of his profile and arm is the arm actually going across his face, and then the gender one...well, if you doubt that he's a boy, you must go get your eyes examined. ENJOY! Oh, and no names are chosen yet but we have about 5 on our list so far that we are considering.