Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Children's Museum

"Vaccuuming the floors at the museum"

ringing up some groceries

"That will be $27.54 ma'am."

Shopping for her produce

"Do I want skim, 2%, or whole milk?"

Here she is trying to eat the plastic carrot.

Since today was quite rainy and dreary out, I decided to load Chloe up and take her to the Children's museum here in Clarksville. We had never been before today and I tell you that it was a treat! I loved it there. They have a little pretend grocery store for the kids to shop in, a piano, some ball experiments to do, puzzles, books, games, a bubble room, and tons of other things that I am surely forgetting. We stayed and played for about an hour and a half before Chloe reached her breaking point of needing a nap. I definitly recommend it to everyone as it's cheap and fun entertainment for those days when you can't get outside. I think we are even going to get a season pass as they are cheap too!

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Amy said...

Looks like fun. Where is that? I didn't know they had such fun stuff for kids. Next time you go, give me a call, we'd love to go with you!