Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend!!!

So Easter was really fun this year! We started the weekend off on Thursday with my parents (Chloe's Grammy and Papa) coming to visit. They had not seen her in quite some time so they had a ball together. On Friday we took off and went to Honeysuckle Hill Farm for the Easter egg hunt and other activities. The petting zoo was probably Chloe's favorite part as she LOVED the baby chickens! She kept staring at them and trying to put her fingers through the cage. It was fun to watch her excitement over them.
On Saturday, we did the traditional dying Easter eggs. Chloe watched me and her Grammy stirring the eggs in the cup and decided to help us stir also. However, she then tried to drink the dye so we had to put an end to her stirring. She did get a little bit of blue dye in her mouth and had a blue tongue and a few blue teeth for a while.
Then on Sunday, the Easter Bunny left Chloe a lot of treats. A basket full of goodies, a stroller for her baby doll and a swing for outside! She loved her snack treats and the baby stroller best. She has pushed baby in the stroller all day every day since Sunday. It's so cute to watch her go around the house in circles like that. Anyways, we went to church that morning and then I came home and fixed Easter dinner for everyone...yes, believe it or not, I cooked!!! We had ham, deviled eggs, biscuits, and mashed potatoes.
So that was our Easter weekend in a nutshell. We had such a great time and got tons of fun pictures. Here are a few for you guys to enjoy.

Stirring the egg in the dye

Chloe and Mommy with the finished products

Happy Easter Chloe!

The Easter Bunny hit a home run with this baby stroller. She LOVES it!!!

Chloe's favorite part of the petting zoo was the cage of baby chickens

For snack she had her first taste of Cheetos and loved them! She was totally orange by the end of the pack

Chloe and Daddy going for a barrel train ride

Easter Egg hunt at the farm

Grammy, Papa and Chloe at the farm!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

So this morning was Chloe's first Easter Party ever! My friend Amy hosted the party at her home and I must say that I was blown away at the decorations, activities, and organization of it all. When we first got there, the kids all played while the moms mingled and got to catch up with each other. Then, the kids all sat down at 2 large tables and were able to decorate a piece of scrapbook paper with tons of Easter and springtime stickers. Chloe is at a point now where she loves stickers. She wants them on her hands, her shirt, her papers, my hands, my shirt etc... She had a blast. Then, we all fixed lunch for the little ones and ourselves. Chloe ate a cheese sandwich in the shape of a bunny and she even used a fork for the first time ever. I broke the sandwich up in bite size pieces and she was able to pick each piece up with her fork and feed herself that way. I was impressed...I guess she has seen us do it enough that she just picked up on it. After lunch, we decorated cookies with icing and sprinkles. Chloe chose an egg shaped cookie. I put the icing and sprinkles on it and she licked it all off...then ate the cookie once the icing was completely gone. She was a mess!!! But she enjoyed her treat. She never gets sweets so we'll see how this affects her naptime. After the cookies, the kiddos hunted easter eggs. Chloe found several all by herself and put them in her own little bag (made by Amy!). All in all, we had such an awesome time! Amy, if you are reading this...thank you so much for your hardwork in planning this party. It was a blast!!!

Putting stickers on her artwork

Working very hard at getting those stickers on there

Decorating her cookie

"MMMmmmm....I love cookies!!!"

Hunting easter eggs

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Days

So the snow really did show up in Clarksville yesterday and this morning. I would guess that we got about 4 inches or more. I'm not a good estimator though so I'm not really sure about that number. Anyways, it was plenty to play in, roll around in, and build little "snow-babies" in. Chloe had a blast playing with our little friends in the neighborhood and even stayed outside for about 2 hours in it. She was definitly tired when we were done playing and came inside for a 2.5 hour nap!!! Mommy and Daddy even got a nap too! Aaahh, I LOVE snow days...

My favorite picture...she was just walking up the neighborhood. I love the little snow tracks she is making

"Now what do I do?"

"Hey Mom, look at my snow-baby!"

It took a few minutes until Chloe learned to balance and walk in the snow

Chloe and Emily playing in the snow together

"Hey, look at me!"

The neighborhood girls...Emily,Chloe,Abi, and Hannah

Can you tell that this is Chloe's snow angel?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Children's Museum

"Vaccuuming the floors at the museum"

ringing up some groceries

"That will be $27.54 ma'am."

Shopping for her produce

"Do I want skim, 2%, or whole milk?"

Here she is trying to eat the plastic carrot.

Since today was quite rainy and dreary out, I decided to load Chloe up and take her to the Children's museum here in Clarksville. We had never been before today and I tell you that it was a treat! I loved it there. They have a little pretend grocery store for the kids to shop in, a piano, some ball experiments to do, puzzles, books, games, a bubble room, and tons of other things that I am surely forgetting. We stayed and played for about an hour and a half before Chloe reached her breaking point of needing a nap. I definitly recommend it to everyone as it's cheap and fun entertainment for those days when you can't get outside. I think we are even going to get a season pass as they are cheap too!