Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Surgery went well!

Waking up an hour before her normal time was hard on her

Before surgery... happy baby

After surgery...thanks to the evil gas known as on to see what I mean

So Chloe's ears are now officially clear and tubed! YAY!!! From the time the OR nurse took Chloe from me, until the time Dr. Brandon came to talk to us, it was a mere 13 minutes. Now, don't get me was THE longest 13 minutes ever, but so well worth it. The doctor told us that he pulled out tons of thick junk from behind her eardrum and that he felt like by doing that he "cranked up her volume about 4 notches." I feel confident that she will really start talking soon now that she can hear much better.
The worst part of the surgery was the type of gas that anesthesia used to put her to sleep. My nurse friends will totally get what I am talking about when I explain this...Sevoflorane is the evil gas! It makes children wake up screaming like banshees for about 30 minutes and they have no idea where they are, who is holding them (even if it's mom or dad), and they just have this look of total fear and drunkeness in their eyes. It is the worst thing to see your own child go through this and know that you cannot do anything about it until they blow the gas off through time and crying. Unfortunately for Chloe, she did not receive the Fentanyl nasal spray that can prevent this reaction, but at the hospital I worked at in Ohio, most children did and they woke up a lot different....pleasant.
Anyways, here are a few pics of her before and after surgery. The expressions tell all.

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Kristi said...

Oh, Kelly, I'm so sorry about the icky gas! How horrible that must've been! I'm so glad that all the gunk is cleared and her hearing is up, though. Give her lots of hugs from Clara, K?