Friday, February 8, 2008

Surgery is scheduled...

I forgot to blog about Chloe's ENT appointment yesterday. We went to see Dr. Brandon, a local ENT physician, who comes very highly recommended by everyone we know. He took a peek in her ears and then ordered a hearing test to be done by the audiologist. Luckily, Chloe's hearing is perfect (the doctor's words), and she has suffered absolutely no damage to her hearing as of now. Her tympanic membranes are stiff though which I found out means that her hearing is on the way to being damaged. He did go on to say that she has already had too many infections and that she is the perfect candidate for ear tubes. So, after answering a ton of questions about the procedure and anesthesia (yes, the pediatric nurse came out of me yesterday), we felt extremely comfortable with him and set the surgery date for February 27th. We are thrilled that our concerns were finally answered and validated but even more excited that this may be the end to ear infections for Chloe.

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Amy said...

Glad you finally got it scheduled. I know it's a relief to get an answer to your issues. Hopefully now she'll feel much better. Let me know if you need anything!