Saturday, February 23, 2008


So Chloe is sick again...this time it's another ear infection and bronchiolitis which is the same thing that is caused by the RSV virus. Last year, it landed her in the hospital on oxygen for a few days, but I feel like now that she is older and stronger that she will recover at home just fine. That's my prayer at least. My other prayer is that they will still be able to do her surgery on Wednesday. She is getting ear tubes placed and based on my experience as a recovery room nurse, I know that anesthesia will not be given to any child that is wheezing and coughing like she is etc... I'm putting this in God's hands as I know the best will be brought forth that way.
On a happier note, at her doctor's appointment Friday, they went ahead and did her 15 month well-check stuff too and I'm proud to announce that my baby girl is now 31.5 inches tall (she grew 3 inches in 3 months) and is 25.5 pounds (a 4 pound gain in 3 months). Can we say major growth spurt going on?!? She went from being in the 25% in length to the 75%!!! Developmentally, she is ahead of schedule except for her communication, but her pediatrician said that she is not really behind in it...just not ahead like in everything else. She also thinks that the ear tubes are going to help that as she feels like Chloe is not hearing words clearly since she has had 8 ear infections in 10 months now. I mean truly, if my ears were full of fluid all of the time, I wouldn't hear sounds properly either. Her doctor said that with the tubes allowing the fluid to drain instead of build up, that she will probably begin talking my ears off soon. I told her that she already babbles them off as it is so I'm just waiting for the day when Chloe begins using "real words." I'm in trouble then.
It's about time for some new pictures of Chloe so I'll get those posted next time - promise.

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