Monday, February 11, 2008

Chloe and her Sign Language

So Chloe completely surprised me today with a new sign that I had no idea she even knew. I have shown it to her a few times, but have not been consistent with it like I was with the others. So, her new sign...? THANK YOU!!! I'm so excited that she has started "saying" that. How I discovered that she knew it is really fun. I asked her to give me a kiss this morning and she did it. I told her thank you afterwards and then I told her that mommy was going to give her a kiss back. When I gave her a kiss, she signed thank you. At first I thought she was just kissing her own hand and then moving it away. Then at lunch today, I told her to say thank you to a friend who had given her some Goldfish Crackers and she signed it again. I was floored! I mean, I worked diligently with her on learning signs for "all done", "more", and "help", but she just picked this one up pretty much on her own. I'm going to start doing "please" with her now too I think. It sure makes things easier when I know what she is trying to say.

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Dan, Kristi, and Clara Askew said...

That's great news! Clara's "thank you" and blowing kisses sure look a lot alike. Clara says "please" for food now, and it's so nice to see some manners this early! Kudos to you, Momma!