Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The news is great!!!

First off, I must thank everyone who prayed for me regarding my OB appointment this morning. I woke up with such a calm and peace over me that it could only have been God answering those prayers and settling my nerves. So thank you!
Now, on to the appointment. Everything went amazingly well! We were able to take our first look at the baby and I have to say that he or she is really darn cute! The heartbeat was beautiful and strong, and the baby was curled up looking incredibly cozy and warm. We could already see the legs, spine and head...literally he or she looked just like a "mini-me."
Reality is finally setting in now that we have seen the baby. In just 30 more weeks, our family will have another addition. My Type A personality is wanting to kick into overdrive and go ahead and prepare the new baby's room for painting and all of that fun stuff. Of course David is gently reminding me that we do have plenty of time to get all of that done. I mean come on, we can't really do much until we know the gender of the baby...and yes, we will be finding that out at our 20 week appointment. That's one thing I never really understood. How can people say that it ruins the surprise to find out at 20 weeks...I mean truly, it's a surprise at 20 weeks just like it is at 40...right? I just like my surprise early so that I can prepare. What Type A doesn't like time to prepare?
Well, I'm off now to get Chloe out of bed. She is so sleepy but is insistent on not napping. More to come later on...

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