Friday, January 25, 2008

Chloe, Niagara Falls, and the Exorcist

Chloe coloring a picture to send to Uncle Jordan

Out like a light...can you tell how much she has grown?

So this morning was very uneventful....Chloe was playing quietly with her books and toys, I was able to check and reply to a few emails, and things were going so smoothly that I decided to load her up and head to the grocery store (aka Wal-Mart). I had to go at some point today because we have been out of bread and cheese for days now and those are the two main staples in our house right now.

Anyways, the trip was very uneventful until I started shopping for care package items to send to Jordan. Then, all h*ll broke loose! Chloe started getting really restless in the shopping cart - as in she was trying to climb out as I'm pushing her around the store. Then all of a sudden she starts coughing a little - okay, no big deal...but that's when trouble started! All of a sudden, Niagara Falls was coming out of her mouth. Yes, she vomited all over herself, the floor, the groceries, my purse, my shoes, etc... Poor thing looked like something from the Exorcist! It was utterly disgusting. Luckily though there were 2 Wal-Mart employees standing right at the end of the aisle. I started trying to wave them down using my arms and my voice to say "Excuse me..." Do you think they heard me??? NO!!! Either that or they saw what happened and chose to ignore me. I was trying to be a good customer and let them know that someone needed to come and mop up the floor, but instead, I ended up grabbing a towel off of the shelf and mopping up Chloe and the floor with it. UGH!!!

So, we fast-forwarded through the rest of the trip and made it to the check-out counter where I proceeded to tell the clerk that I had to use a towel to clean up vomit as 2 employees ignored me and I had no other choice. Her response....? Just hold it up and I'll scan it with my gun. What?!? Are you kidding me? Had your employees responded to my call for help, I wouldn't have needed to use the towel. Well, she made me pay for that darn towel anyways! Had I known that, I would have picked a more plush, absorbant one...and definitly a prettier color. Oh well...I guess we can call it even as when she picked up the box of mashed potatoes (no, I'm no Betty Crocker so I don't make real potatoes) she placed her hand on a ton of puke that I had not seen to wipe up. HAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The news is great!!!

First off, I must thank everyone who prayed for me regarding my OB appointment this morning. I woke up with such a calm and peace over me that it could only have been God answering those prayers and settling my nerves. So thank you!
Now, on to the appointment. Everything went amazingly well! We were able to take our first look at the baby and I have to say that he or she is really darn cute! The heartbeat was beautiful and strong, and the baby was curled up looking incredibly cozy and warm. We could already see the legs, spine and head...literally he or she looked just like a "mini-me."
Reality is finally setting in now that we have seen the baby. In just 30 more weeks, our family will have another addition. My Type A personality is wanting to kick into overdrive and go ahead and prepare the new baby's room for painting and all of that fun stuff. Of course David is gently reminding me that we do have plenty of time to get all of that done. I mean come on, we can't really do much until we know the gender of the baby...and yes, we will be finding that out at our 20 week appointment. That's one thing I never really understood. How can people say that it ruins the surprise to find out at 20 weeks...I mean truly, it's a surprise at 20 weeks just like it is at 40...right? I just like my surprise early so that I can prepare. What Type A doesn't like time to prepare?
Well, I'm off now to get Chloe out of bed. She is so sleepy but is insistent on not napping. More to come later on...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chloe: The GOOD, The BAD, and the Oh, So CUTE!

Despite everything I got for Christmas, this is my new favorite toy!

Giddy'up Mr. Zebra

Who needs a fork when I have 2 hands?!? Aren't I funny?

So this is a relatively new thing for us to be doing, but what a great way to keep in touch with everyone. Since all of our family lives out of state, and my brother is in Iraq, this is an easy way for everyone to see what's going on with Chloe (and the rest of us too.)

Unfortunately, Chloe and I have been under the weather all week, so we are taking a hiatus from church today. I think she is on the mend though and although I still feel terrible, I am functioning better than I did yesterday. I tell you, David earned the "Father and Husband of the Year" award yesterday. I could hardly even get out of bed and he took care of everything for me...right down to breakfast in bed, doing dishes, and cooking dinner. What a blessing!!!

So the latest with Chloe...she is going through a stage of screaming and tantrums right now that we could all use a little prayer about. I would love to blame it on her recent cold, or at the very least her cutting her two bottom molars, but it actually started before she got sick. I have started time outs, but for now, they are done in vain I think. However, persistence will pay off and I will win this battle (I hope!) I mean, I am the adult here, right?!? In the mean time though, any advice from seasoned parents or encouragement from anyone going through the same thing would be greatly appreciated.

On the lighter side of things, Chloe is growing like a weed! She is out of most of her 12 month shirts and is finally fitting into her 12-18 month pants! The child has finally started to grow again! She looks less and less like a baby now and more like a little girl. She understands a ton of words and phrases and can point to about anything we ask her to. If she's in the mood, she will even do what we ask of her..."Chloe, get your baby doll," "Chloe, pick up your blocks." She also has the most contagious giggle ever! It is soooo cute! Her diet right now consists of milk, cheese, yogurt, applesauce (in different flavors), grits, oatmeal, grilled cheese, some baby food veggies still, and that's truly about it! Oh wait, on a good day, she will eat chicken. She is the pickiest eater ever!!! However, I've found something that makes me feel less guilty about the fact that she won't eat veggies or fruit very much and that is V8 Fusion. It provides a full serving of veggies and fruit in every cup...and guess what!!! She LOVES it!

Well, there's the first entry. What do you think? Hopefully we can keep this up. I mean, soon enough, there will be yet another baby to blog about - if I have the time! Keep me in your prayers this week as Wednesday we go back to the OB for another appointment. I'll be getting another ultrasound to check the baby for growth and a heartbeat. Please pray that this baby will grow and develop properly. I'm so nervous about Wednesday for some reason. I'll update you after the appt. Until then, here's are a few pictures of our current little angel.